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Restaurant "il Vicolo"

Trattoria pizzeria
il Vicolo Via Bovio, 1/A
Montecatini Terme
Tuscany, Italy

Tel. 0572 771976

Our cooking wants to present expecially the old tuscan tastes: among the specialities we find the tuscan antipasto, comprised of mixed tuscan salami and crostini; maccheroni alla maremmana, gravy made of sausage with fennel, tuscan ribollita and the house rigatoni - this for the first course.

Regarding second courses, we have the bistecca alla fiorentina, trippa and baccalĂ  alla livornese, which can be served with cannellini beans.

You can also choose one among the many kinds of pizza we make in our wood oven.

For the desserts, we have tiramisu, panna cotta, creme brulé, creme caramelle, and each day a different cake, everything exclusively self made.

Our prices are low.